Sticky learning….


Sticky learning….

Most all of us in the learning industry have heard of the 70:20:10 learning concept.  So many learning efforts strive to create more of the 70%, experiential learning opportunities.

The video below by Charles Jennings is a fabulous, very visual, depiction of why the 70:20:10 concept is so important.  We believe it comes down to making the learning stick.  In order to stick, we need to avoid the dip…

  • Any new initiative tends to start with a bang – but then drops off after a while
  • As the Ebbingnhaus forgetting curve suggests…we forget 50% of what we learn unless we practice
  • With most learning efforts, the burden is on the learner to go back to “business as usual” and find ways to apply that learning.

Our approach facilitates learning in a business-linked, systemic way.  It is about building the skills important to your business while working on challenges……all in the context of their business challenges and changes!

Do your learning practices STICK?

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