The Power of Inspiring Leaders + Effective Teams

The Power of Inspiring Leaders + Effective Teams

Ran across this Forbes article that sums up the qualities of an inspiring leader so very nicely; 7 Secrets of Inspiring Leaders

  • Ignite Your Enthusiasm.
  • Navigate a course of actionleader
  • Sell the benefit.
  • Paint a picture.
  • Invite participation.
  • Reinforce optimism.
  • Encourage potential.

The first paragraph of the article creates a great case for inspiring leaders, but also creates a great case for REACH as a way to ensure team effectiveness and focused performance.  Imagine the power of both; Inspiring Leader and teams reaching their full potential!!!!!!


Very few people look forward to going to work.  And no, providing free coffee and fruit in the company kitchen isn’t going to change their minds.  It’s a sad observation about the state of American business today.  According to a Mercer consulting survey that I quoted in an earlier columnone-third of U.S employees are so unhappy they are thinking of leaving their jobs.  Let me ask you – how is it possible that unhappy, unmotivated and disengaged employees could possibly offer exceptional customer service or develop exciting, innovative products that move your brand forward? They can’t.  That’s why it is up to you as leader to satisfy what Emerson called a person’s “chief want:” someone who will inspire us to be what we know we can be.



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